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Which retirees can access the Government Pension Loans Scheme?

20th November, 2020

Since July 2019, all retirees with sufficient equity in their property have been eligible for the Federal Government’s Pension Loans Scheme (PLS) to borrow against their home.

If you are currently receiving the Age Pension or similar seniors’ welfare payment (or a DVA pension) and you own property in Australia, you will most likely meet the eligibility criteria.

PLS is even available to self-funded retirees. It is not limited to Age pensioners.

"The Government recently enhanced this Scheme, in part, to provide liquidity to a wider group of retirees who prefer to keep living in their homes but need more income to take the stress off meeting their regular bills," said Paul Rogan, Founder and CEO of Pension Boost. Pension Boost assists retirees by taking the hassle out of applying for the PLS via Centrelink/DVA.

PLS is accessible to all Australian resident seniors who meet the property criteria.

Valid real estate property in Australia for use under PLS includes:

  • Houses *
  • Apartments / Units / Townhouses *
  • Farm (or hobby farm)
  • Commercial premises
  • Retail premises
  • Vacant land / bush block
  • Home office / business
  • Self-contained flat (part of or attached to a residence)
  • Market garden
  • Residential block larger than 2 hectares

*There are two notable exceptions (where seniors generally do not have title to the underlying land):

  • Retirement villages
  • Relocatable homes

Pension Boost works for Retirees considering PLS loans

Pension Boost is a private commercial venture founded by Paul Rogan in 2019, and our purpose is to assist everyday Australian seniors to live a better life. There are 1.8 million seniors on the Age Pension who own property, with many struggling to make ends meet.

Pension Boost are specialists in the Australian Government’s Pension Loans Scheme (PLS). We act as your agent when dealing with Centrelink/DVA to take the hassle out of the process for you.

Some of the ways Pension Boost assists seniors includes:

  • Raising awareness of the PLS (one of the government’s best kept secrets)
  • Educating seniors on what the PLS is, its ‘rules’ and how it works
  • Assisting seniors and their families decide whether the PLS may be of benefit to them
  • Demonstrating to seniors via our Pension Boost Calculator what the PLS may mean for them and their families financially
  • Determining the type of Pension Loan that best suits a senior’s individual circumstances
  • We remove the hassle of dealing with Centrelink/DVA by acting as an ‘agent’
    • Assisting seniors with their application for the Pension Loan
    • Dealing with any questions or queries raised by Centrelink/DVA
  • Providing ongoing reporting and reviews of a senior’s cash flow needs and Pension Loan level, to ensure they remain in control of the net equity in their home, and have the funds to make ends meet
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