Pension Boost is pleased to provide you with estimates of your potential eligibility under the Home Equity Access Scheme (HEAS).

Based on your information your current Age Pension could be boosted by:
$0 per year
$0 per fortnight

We estimate that you could receive this amount for around


At that point your loan would reach the maximum amount allowed under the HEAS. Please note that it will continue to increase with interest until your property is sold.

How the HEAS could affect your home equity

Home Equity
Loans (including HEAS)
5 Years
10 Years
20 Years

The amount of your loan will consume an increasing proportion of your home value over time.

We estimate you would have equity remaining in your property after 20 years.

Need more money, greater flexibility?

You may be eligible to access up to $ of your home equity as a lump sum, regular income stream or a combination of the two through our Household Loan service


*Important information and assumptions: Amounts calculated are estimates only - you may end up with more or less equity in your property. This is not a prediction or a forecast about interest rates or property values by Pension Boost nor the actuarial firm that has developed the Pension Loan Scheme calculator (ASAP Actuarial).

Our calculations are based on the information you have provided (shown above) and the following assumptions:
HEAS interest rate (3.95% pa); current Age Pension rates (including Supplements); Inflation/CPI(2.5% pa); and Property growth rates (3% pa).

We also assume that you draw the maximum loan available, do not wish to have a ‘Requested Amount’, spend all HEAS payments you receive, make no voluntary repayments, amend or cease the HEAS, or draw down any lump sum payments during the terms of the loan. Where you have an existing mortgage loan we assume that that loan balance does not increase or decrease. Where one persion in a couple is not of age pension age we assume only 50% of the net equity is available for HEAS.

Please contact us if you wish to amend any of these assumptions so we can provide you with a personalised HEAS Report.